Galactic Combat: Wingman Focus Test

In the weeks following the end of prototyping for Air Raider, we made the decision to combine Air Raiders Art Style with the concept of Galactic Combat. Creating Galactic Combat: Wingman, a New Retro Wave styled space shooter with VR support. Last week we got to focus test our game, with a number of external testers. We walked away with a lot of useful information.

The focus test ran over three days, with 1-hour sessions on both PC and in VR. We discovered several things from both experiences. For VR specifically, we gained insight into what it was about the experience that made people motion sick. Looking up while the ship was pitching upwards, as shown below, was one of the causes.


The other reasons for motion sickness ranged from FPS drops, which lead to blurry screens, and players suddenly getting spun around due to colliding into objects. The other variable that we wanted to test especially in VR was the art style. We were not sure if the New Retro Wave styled assets would translate well in VR. Over the 3 days, we were happy to see that not only did the neon assets not cause motion sickness but they were a highlight in the both platforms, VR, and PC.


Screen blur when players suddenly hit objects


Testers on both platforms felt that our player movement was too slow, aiming was too hard, and the UI needed work. Some of these issues we were already aware of but it was good to have those issues validated. The game as a whole was received very well on both platforms and everyone wanted to see what we could do next in VR.

This has been a great boost to the team. We have a great art style which can only get better the more we polish it up. We do need to work on the mechanics of the game though, at the moment we are lacking in this section. Though we do have the very basics of combat, we need better AI and aiming at enemies. This will be something we focus on in the coming weeks so that we will achieve our milestone to create a playable build by the end of April.

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