So Much News

A lot has happened since the last blog update; we have been extremely busy to put it lightly. Since you last heard from us here at Info Pixel, we’ve brought on two new team members and subsequently moved to a larger office space. We now have enough room to have our Vive up and ready for testing anytime we need.

Hard at work at our new office area, now complete with Zoids.

Speaking of Testing, we just had 3 weeks of some intensive testing happening with Galactic Combat. This proved to be insightful to our current project and where we’re heading. We found out that a) Our art style was on point, hard lines and 80’s retro wave for the win, and b) our mechanics for a Gunner and Pilot needed a bit of work. Our testers felt like they had half the job of one person, rather than their own unique role, which left them wanting to do more. So taking that on board we decided to go in a different direction. Changing our player’s roles to one Pilot and one Engineer. Thus far, this has been a change for the better, and we have been going full steam ahead.

We have also had the pleasure of doing some client work. In conjunction with Goblin Hammer Games, we have created some great new content for Safe Wheels Victoria, Bosch and VicRoads. Our tech artist put together some great VR environments to show off the Electronic Stability Program (ESP), Predictive Emergency Braking Systems (PEBS) and Lane Departure Warning (LDW) automatic braking system. You can have a look when you next see the Safe Wheel’s trailer at expos.

Finally, over the next few weeks we, like many other games developers, are getting ready for PAX! We are looking forward to going to our first PAXAus as developers and getting to show off some of what Galactic Combat: Wingman has to offer. We have been producing a bunch of marketing material so we can hand out freebies to everyone that comes to visit our booth. We’ll hopefully be showing off some co-op game play in this space soon!

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