PAXAUS17 and Moving Forward

It’s hard to believe that PAX is already 2 weeks behind us, I think we’ve gotten whiplash by how fast it went by. Three days of exhibiting our pre-alpha pilot gameplay demo and talking about Galactic Combat: Strike Team. It was a fun and exciting blur that opened up a lot of doors and taught us many lessons.

Day 1, Friday, we were buzzing with nervous excitement. Dressed in our 1980’s space pilot outfits we prepared to face the excited masses. Friday was known as one of the slowest of PAX days, but for a slow day, we still had a lot of traffic coming through our stand. It was a successful day; we gave out half of our business cards and went through quite a few of our badges. We went into a slight panic as we realised we needed to get more business cards for Saturday and Sunday.


Day 2, our busiest day, Saturday! Power mustaches and party mullets. Our team members spent the day talking about our game and giving out freebies. We were excited to have members of the Cloud 9 eSports team play Galactic Combat: Strike Team. So many people, so many cool costumes, all of them taking the time to play with our VR headset, it was wonderful to see. It was just a great day.


Day 3, Sunday, the final day of PAX. We were visited by some awesome people starting up indie game dev podcasts. We were lucky to meet them; they were great to talk to. If you are interested checkout @AussieDevs on twitter to listen to their work. We also met a few sound designers for games, which will definitely come in handy in the future. We were also surprised to see people who had played our game on previous days return to play again today. We had a lot of fun on this final day and even got the chance to play a few of the other games around PAX ourselves.


While recovering during the weeks after PAX, we reflected on what we got out of our time at the event. From expo preparedness (bring water bottles, comfy shoes and some form of energy, coffee and/or Berocca are usual gotos), to how to get people talking and interested in our game. We also had a look at all the feedback we received and reassessed where we will be heading with our game in the future.

In the coming weeks, we are planning to get an engineer player pre-alpha demo up and working. Similar to the pilot, it will be its own contained game where we will be testing out the feel and mechanics of the engineer. Both the pilot and engineering demo will be grouped together and released for public testing in the coming months. We will keep you updated on social media, so be sure to like and follow us on facebook and twitter.

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