About Us

Who we are:

Info Pixel is small team of Designers, Programmers and Artists. We create Virtual Reality (VR) and Augmented Reality (AR) business solutions and engaging arcade experiences for mobile, desktop & console.

Starting out as a team of 5 students in an internship with Thales Australia, we were fortunate enough to be able to showcase our work with Thales at the 2017 Australian International Airshow. Following this success, the team decided we would further our skills and undertake the Graduate Diploma course at the Academy of Interactive Entertainment (AIE). Doing so has allowed us to develop our own projects with constant guidance and mentoring along the way. Since then, we have been inducted into the AIE Business Incubator program, and our team has expanded.

Now we are 7; Giuseppina, Jackson, Lee, Jordan, Lewis, Nick and Angus, ready and excited to create and explore new possibilities in the worlds of Virtual and Augmented Reality.

We all have a passion for what we do. Growing up alongside video games, we’ve watched them advance, taking every opportunity we could to use any new and emerging technology. We became curious about how games are made, what makes them so fun and engaging, and what other uses they might have. So we took it upon ourselves to learn and develop our skills to become the best Designers, Programmers and Artists we could be, to one day create the experiences we’ve loved for so long.

What we want to do:

The development of VR and AR technology has brought with it boundless potential. Users now have new ways of interacting with content that can place them in the centre of the experience, having them become a part of it. Players can now experience space battles from inside a cockpit, race exotic cars from the driver’s seat, and explore distant locations as if they were there.

Games can be made immersive like never before, but why stop there? These technologies show great potential as tools for business. An audience can now view a business’s products firsthand, in their own home or out at events. Virtual spaces can replicate all the elements of an existing place, allowing users to explore and customise the space to be sure it suits their needs before making a purchase. Personnel can be trained with virtual equipment that might otherwise be too dangerous or cost prohibitive for them to use while inexperienced.

Just like when we were growing up, we want to play with this new technology, pick it apart, see what it can do and explore its limits. Now we have the skills to see what we can do with it, we have the ability to make something new. We want to make games that excite players, that let them experience something they never have before, that immerses them in worlds they can only dream of. The enjoyment that we’ve experienced from games for so many years is something that we want to bring to everybody. No one knows all the ways in which this technology can be used, so join us and let’s find out together.

The Team

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