Galactic Combat: Strike Team

Galactic Combat: Strike Team


Galactic Combat is a space shooter game with both single player and co – op modes, developed for VR. In the co-op mode the player has the choice of being either a fighter pilot, engaging waves of enemies in highspeed dogfights or an engineer who keeps the ship function in the heat of battle.  Throughout the game, you need to defend Earth from a hostile invasion from a mysterious and horrifying enemy.  

level 1 concept
Concept Art of DOS taking down invading fighters

Earth’s Forces

The Dual Operator Striker (DOS)

The Dual Operator Striker (DOS)
The Dual Operator Striker (DOS) in flight

The ultimate fighter jet, it’s able to be customized to the crews’ needs, to make super buff shields and bangin’ guns. It can be operated by a single person but is really built for an ace pilot and an engineer with nerves of steel.

Invading Forces

“We’ve lost contact with bases on the outer rim. I need to know whats going on, what ever is happening out there is getting closer. None of the scouts sent out have reported back, all good men and women, lost to something. My only option is to send those two trigger happy, explosion causing, no-good scoundrals to get me the info I need. God help us all” – Admiral B. Connors

3 Enemy Render
The unknown enemies’ fighter ships